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Through indicators derived from meteorological and satellite data, agricultural statistics and field observations by experts, BCGMSweb provides you with all the necessary tools to analyse the evolution of the current growing season, compare it to previous years and estimate the potential impact on yield.

A view from satellites

Vegetation indices and biophysical variables from satellites (SPOT-VGT, PROBA-V, Sentinel-3) continuously monitor crop growth and development. Nothing escapes them!

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Generic but also crop-specific agrometeorological indicators, defined at key phenological stages and calculated over 30 years!

  • Monitoring your environment

    Statistical data allowing the evolution of surfaces, yields and productions to be followed over more than 40 years and thus highlighting and quantifying the impact of climatic changes or of a policy. All this without forgetting the seasonal yield forecasts for the current year!

Agro-meteorological bulletins

Information on growing conditions and development is summarised and published at least three times a year in agro-meteorological bulletins, and has been for two decades. These bulletins are based on field observations made by our partner pilot and technical centres and are a wealth of information. Do not hesitate to subscribe to receive them by e-mail. These bulletins are also on the platform.

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